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4.9 / 5 ★★★★★
Peel the Kid: "The pleasure of Org on iOS" - Poland
Raam Dev: "The best for Org-mode on iOS" - USA
mshkrebtan: "Magnificent" - Germany


Bring org to your iPhone
built with 💙 by me - powered by org 🦄


Org mode on Emacs is wonderful. I'm a big fan and use it regularly on my laptop. As an iPhone user, I wanted quick access to org tasks while on the go... so I built Plain Org for iOS.


v1.4 Features

Org is a wonderfully rich markup language, so please check if your favorite feature is supported (it may not be):

Feature requests

Org has a rich feature set. Plain Org is young and catching up. It's only me behind it, so I have to prioritize whatever is built next. If Plain Org v1 is missing a feature, file a request over at r/plainorg or upvote an existing one. You can also send feedback via Plain Org itself.

What is org?

Org is a powerful plain text markup, somewhat similar to markdown. It's got lots of features. Being pure text, you can view and edit using your favourite text editor (Emacs, Vim, VSCode, etc.) while you're at your computer.

Here's a sample snippet:

#+TITLE: My iPhone stuff

* Inbox
** DONE [#A] Publish Plain Org to App Store :plainorg:
** NEXT [#B] Make [[][oatmeal cookies]] :cooking:


** TODO [#A] Document unicorn sighting :research:truth:
- [X] Talk to eyewitness.
- [X] /Flesh/ _out_ ~evidence~ =table=

| last seen | location       | country  |
|      2017 | The Royal Mint | Scotland |
|      1991 | Harz Mountains | Germany  |

Syncing your data

Plain Org syncs data using iOS file-providing extensions. If your favorite cloud service offers an iOS extension, Plain Org should be able to open, edit, and sync your data.

Your mileage may vary creating new files or opening local links. These may not be possible using your provider's extension.

Cloud provider support

View file Edit file New file Open local links
Google Drive
Syncthing / Möbius Sync
Working Copy / Git

Enabling cloud syncing

See iOS's using third-party apps in Files to enable syncing data with your cloud service. Plain Org is a paid app. At present, it is not FOSS. This may change in the future, but it is not something I can currently offer. I understand this may not be ideal for all, but hope there's partial relief in implementing a well-known text markup (ie. no vendor lock-in). Please help support its development if you can. Ping me if you need a free copy. Email me at "plainorg" + "@" + "".

Beta testing

Please help support Plain Org by purchasing from the App Store. If you're feeling adventurous and have tolerance for a few rough edges, you can also get access to early beta builds via TestFlight. I'll need an email address to send you an invite. Ping me on reddit, twitter, or email me at "plainorg" + "@" + "".


Can I use my own custom keywords?

Yes. Plain Org recognizes per-file keywords. That is, in the org file itself, you can specify both active and inactive keywords. You can the following to an existing org file:


Note: Keywords on the left hand side of the "|" are considered active while those on the right are inactive.

How do I sync my org files?

All depends on your preferred provider. See syncing your data.

http(s):// links
[[][Plain Org]]

id: links (across files)

To resolve id links, Plain Org needs granted access to a directory. When an id link is opened, the app searches the owning directory for other org files that may contain the id that's linked to. The following snippet shows a sample snippet:

Note: Not all syncing providers support granting access to a directory. Without this, Plain Org is unable to resolve id links.
:ID: 90daa47c-3d6b-4d94-bf78-18d776c431c1
:CREATED: [2021-09-28 Tue 09:02]
#+TITLE: Bar

* TODO Review [[id:e4453d79-227f-4a78-bf04-9bdff5e4675f][Foo]]
:ID: e4453d79-227f-4a78-bf04-9bdff5e4675f
:CREATED: [2021-09-28 Tue 09:02]
#+TITLE: Foo

* Some heading
* Another heading
To resolve file links, Plain Org needs granted access to a directory. When an file link is opened, the app tries to access the referenced file within the owning directory. If the linked file is an image and is accessible, Plain Org renders it inline. For others, like pdfs, they are opened in a modal screen.

Note: Not all syncing providers support granting access to a directory. Without this, Plain Org is unable to resolve file links.
File structure

Note: Relative link resolution requires the org file's owning directory (i.e. Documents) to be a parent of the linked file.

App Store reviews

Irrawaddy1 23/12/21
An essential and beautiful app for org mode on the go
This app has been a game-changer for me. I use it to write and edit todo lists, notes and journal when I’m away from my computer and the app seamlessly syncs these with files and backups through the cloud (I use iCloud). It is also fantastic for inserting links to items (like webpages, snippets of code) on my iPhone. I use emacs org mode for almost everything I do: keeping todo lists, plans, notes from meetings or research ideas, drafting papers, preparing presentations. (I transitioned to org mode after trying many other “productivity” programs, because none of them gave me the interface I needed between all of these functions.) Until Plainorg came along, I used org mode and accessed my org files only when I was sitting in front of a computer. None of the other mobile options gave me an easy sync with the cloud. (Maybe I’m just not tech-savvy enough!) I think I was also turned off by the other app’s clunky interfaces on an iPhone. This meant I carried around paper notebooks to jot down items, or ideas, as they occurred to me when away from a laptop or desktop. But, this was not ideal – I missed nuances: todo actions that would pop up when I’m writing notes, or detailed URLs (when I was too lazy to collect them under some easy-to-find-again bookmark). Plainorg is the first app I have found which works on an iPhone and it works brilliantly! I've reached out to the developer on a few small issues and he was very quick to respond. I recommend it very highly to anyone who is using org mode. The beautiful interface is incentive enough to start using org mode I think, if you’re not using it already.

SB sitting on bech 15/02/22
Simple but powerful
One of my favorite and most useful app on this store. It probably still needs some features but it does an important job in a simple good way.

jingmila 01/03/22

publiusnaso 22/04/22
Great tool
This is the implementation of org-mode for iOS I always wanted. It works, has a simple but functional interface and helps me keeping my org-files in check on my smart phone.

weissbai 17/01/22
A pretty good org-mode App!
Compare to another org-mode Apps for iOS-device, it supports many unique features like displaying inline images or rendering table perfectly even with full-width characters(like Chinese characters). And the most important: the author is very responsive so once you have any idea or advice, just talk to him!

eeee2018 01/01/21
Great Org App
Thank you for providing a plain text organizer. The author is very responsive and improves the app continually. It provides a very good raw edit feature. Great for tasks. You can check the developer website for details. Agenda feature is missing so far, but the developer is constantly adding features. We are all invited to ask. :) That is wonderful.

mshkrebtan 25/12/21
The Org Mode app we needed so much! Indeed, the interface is plain and it is so easy to use. Moreover, the app supports a rich set of Org Mode features, it is magnificent!

nielsk 24/11/21
Great org-mode-client
Great org-mode-client that works better than beorg for notes. And it works together with WorkingCopy, so that I can sync my org-files with git. The developer is also very responsive and listens to his users.

lycopodiopsida 23/11/21
A different take on org tables editing!
Plain org is an org files editor, allowing to edit org tables, view images and so on. Also, the UX is quite good. I hope that one day the agenda functionality will also be added, but it is also useful as it is now.

Dooley2800 24/06/22
Great Britain
A fine editor
It does Org mode editing really well on a single file. However relying on the Files app to handle browsing and searching is a really poor experience. It finds nothing, even files by name. With a large collection this app doesn’t really work (at least with working copy).

Jason Braganza 15/09/22
Absolutely wonderful companion app to Org Mode
If what you want is something to complement your Org Mode needs, then this is the app you want Simple yet pretty!

__sptr__ 21/06/22
Bugs + uncomfortable ui
1. Dropbox files opening doesn't work sometimes 2. Adding subitem isn't working 3. Reordering expands all suites so it's very difficult to move items to the end of the file 4. No syntax highlight in text edit mode

Constpetrov 30/04/22
Easy way to get your lists on the go
This app provides a possibility to create and view org mode lists while away from your pc. It may not have all the org related features now, but it moves fast and the developer is very approachable.

manuelgalup 14/05/22
Excellent org mode app. Just what I was looking for

azmelanar 10/02/22
awesome! great app

Peel the Kid 13/01/22
The pleasure of Org on iOS
I've gone through each and every org-mode supporting (and "supporting") app that works on iPhone. Native, PWA, you name it. They all fell short with either being too focused on tasks or too clunky to work with. PlainOrg is a pleasure to work with. Not overpacked w features, not lacking anything of substance. Love it. Thanks a bunch for all the efforts u/xenodium!

ia_androsov 03/04/22
Please add the ability to hide the top panel of the iPhone (fullscreen)

Cnoceda 20/08/22
Lo mejor en iOS para ficheros Org
Puedo leer y editar los ficheros org sin problemas. Faltan cosas por pulir, pero de momento me permite meter en workflow el iPad sin problemas.

monotux 29/03/22
Äntligen orgmode i mobilen!
Helt fantastiskt att äntligen ha orgmode i telefonen! Går även utmärkt att använda på datorn parallellt, vilket gör det hela ännu bättre.

Fi5herLi 17/08/22
Agenda function plz
Like the title. I really need the org agenda function for this app.

Дощик 13/05/22
Best iOS app for org mode
First iOS application that is good for editing and READING org mode files. Developer is very helpful and already implemented so many feature requests I've sent that I simply run out of requests. Worth every cent.

congas69 21/09/22
United States
Simple and functional
Perfect for taking your todo file on the road. Just what I need as someone who prefers to do most of the work from a PC and carry the results in my pocket. Dropbox integration works well.

Carl in Oakland 07/08/22
United States
Nice but needs work
- Editing on iPad Pro doesn’t work - Can't copy and paste text from other sources. - Needs a tutorial - Inconsistent interface. (Edit and Add functions need to indicate WHAT they're editing or adding) - Good start, but not intuitive for an org mode novice

/MyTwoCents 16/07/22
United States
Better than Beorg
For my purposes, this is much better than the competitors in the “org-mode” editor space. I use NextCloud to store my files, and since the NextCloud app on iPad/iPhone interfaces with the native Files app, I can access all my org files from NextCloud in this app!! So happy to have found this!

nnnosh 19/06/22
United States
Fantastic app!
This is great. Can't wait to use it more. I'm incredibly excited for Agenda mode!

The lilt train who could 06/06/22
United States
This is exactly what I needed!
I have started moving away from Apple notes and using org mode for everything again. But I needed a way to edit them from my phone. This works perfectly. Although having git tracking would be a cool future feature. Yes I know I am spoiled by magit.

鐘雲龍 05/06/22
United States
Continuously Improving
App is improving all the time. Keep it up!! It will soon be truly great.

lesliesrussell 25/05/22
United States
No Dropbox?
No Dropbox connectivity? None that I can finger out. Not useful for my workflow

b0v1n 22/04/22
United States
Perfect app. I pair it with Working Copy and keep my Org notes in a GitHub private repo and this app works flawlessly. Love it!

EarlCecil 21/04/22
United States
Finally an org which I will use and makes sync just work with little overhead.

lhindir 03/04/22
United States
A breath of fresh air
Plain Org is the first time I’ve been genuinely excited about any iOS software in a while. The commitment to an iOS-native feel is greatly appreciated, and the developer has been pretty successful in sticking to it despite the complexity inherent to Org. Keeping to best practices also makes for a strong focus on reading and writing Org rather than having to manage externalities such as file backend implementations. It keeps the app small and free of unnecessary feature duplication. Combined with Working Copy, it’s an unmatched task management experience on iOS, and iCloud works too if you’re not much of a Git guru. The developer is very active on the app’s community page and is frequently testing new features. He’s also responded to every one of my emails. It won’t be long before I uninstall Beorg, I think 🤫. Worth every penny, highly recommend. Tiny request: it’s time for a proper settings screen. The context menu trees are getting a bit disorienting :)

Dublinus 27/03/22
United States
I lost work to this
If you type something in and close the keyboard your text disappears. I lost work I spent time on because of this. The app would be nice if it didn't do that but that makes it less than useless for me.

Developer Response 29/03/22
Please get in touch ASAP "plainorg" + "@" + "" or use the feedback menu in the app. This sounds like a bug (I'll need steps to reproduce and fix). Most importantly, there are safeguards to recover local snapshots (if used soon).

Gfiz 15/02/22
United States
Loving it!
This is my go-to for working with org files on my iOS devices. Thank you for building it!

comfrey427 14/02/22
United States
Keep up the great work

jasonmj2 11/01/22
United States
Clean, productive, task management
Good software gets out of your way and provides clean, clear pathways to accomplish your goals. Plain org does exactly that for task management. It also happens to be compatible with org-mode, which makes it especially useful for Emacs users. Regardless of your org-mode experience level, Plain org presents you with an elegant interface for managing your task list along with the core features org-mode is revered for (statuses, nested tasks, tags, and more).

kohl(ed) 24/12/21
United States
great app! talented & responsive developer.
an excellent app. as elegant as it is pragmatic. very useful. increasing in power with each release. i could easily imagine someone with no experience with emacs using this app, deciding learning to use org-mode on their laptop and a few months later wondering how they used to live without it. kind of like what happened with me.

bytedude 19/12/21
United States
gorgeous implementation of org-mode on iOS
This is a gorgeous implementation of org-mode on iOS. It is rather spartan in functionality and options, which may be a draw for long-time Emacs users used to customizing everything under the sun, but makes org-mode more accessible and user-friendly for everyone else. Even I, the world's best Emacs user, very much appreciate the elegance and cleanness of the interface, and all of the features that the developer chose to implement work really well. I am also impressed by how closely the developer listens to feedback and how quickly changes are implemented. Kudos!

mbjonesan 14/12/21
United States
Text based task management
Recently purchased on a whim as I’ve been looking for a task management solution where I could make heavy use of text but still find it usable and easy to interface with on a phone. It fits the bill so far and I love how responsive the developer is and there commitment to improve it. Looking forward to seeing this app grow/mature.

vrinek 14/12/21
United States
I love the streamlined design
I’m following GTD on org files and Plain Org is the best app I’ve found for capturing. And it can sync with anything that exposes a files API (eg my NextCloud). Once tags filtering is implemented, I’ll be able to use it for much more of my GTD workflow.

rlridenour 27/11/21
United States
Excellent app for editing Org-mode files
I’ve been testing this app for a few months now, and have been extremely impressed with how much the developer has worked to quickly add new features. It has the best UI for working with Org-mode agenda files that I’ve seen outside of Emacs itself. As soon as I saw that it was available on the App Store, I deleted my test versions and gladly paid for it. I’m grateful for the opportunity to send $8.99 to someone who has worked extremely hard to produce something I’ve needed for years.

Zucosane 23/11/21
United States
Beautifully implemented Org Mode app
The app is gorgeous and responsive, exactly what I need to interact with my org files on mobile. The developer is great and is consistently implementing new features, I’m always looking forward to updates.

Raam Dev 14/11/21
United States
The best for Org-mode on iOS
I've been using Org-mode for more than a decade and I've tried all kinds of other iOS apps in an attempt to make my Org files accessible on my iPhone / iPad. This is the first app that does this beautifully and in a way that feels intuitive. The developer is very friendly, responsive, and quick to implement fixes and I look forward to new releases!

Privacy policy

No personal data is sent to any server, as there is no server component to this app. There are neither third party server integrations, accounts, analytics, advertising, nor hidden trackers in this app. All your data is kept on your iPhone, unless you choose a cloud provider to sync or store your data. See your cloud provider's privacy policy for details on how they may handle it.

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