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Bring org to your iPhone
built with 💙 by me - powered by org 🦄


Org mode on Emacs is wonderful. I'm a big fan and use it regularly on my laptop. As an iPhone user, I wanted quick access to org tasks while on the go... so I built Plain Org for iOS.


v1.1 Features

Org is a wonderfully rich markup language, so please check if your favorite feature is supported (it may not be):

Feature requests

Org has a rich feature set. Plain Org is young and catching up. It's only me behind it, so I have to prioritize whatever is built next. If Plain Org v1 is missing a feature, file a request over at r/plainorg or upvote an existing one. You can also send feedback via Plain Org itself.

What is org?

Org is a powerful plain text markup, somewhat similar to markdown. It's got lots of features. Being pure text, you can view and edit using your favourite text editor (Emacs, Vim, VSCode, etc.) while you're at your computer.

Here's a sample snippet:

#+TITLE: My iPhone stuff

* Inbox
** DONE [#A] Publish Plain Org to App Store :plainorg:
** NEXT [#B] Make [[][oatmeal cookies]] :cooking:


** TODO [#A] Document unicorn sighting :research:truth:
- [X] Talk to eyewitness.
- [X] /Flesh/ _out_ ~evidence~ =table=

| last seen | location       | country  |
|      2017 | The Royal Mint | Scotland |
|      1991 | Harz Mountains | Germany  |

Syncing your data

Plain Org syncs data using iOS file-providing extensions. If your favorite cloud service offers an iOS extension, Plain Org should be able to open, edit, and sync your data.

Your mileage may vary creating new files or opening local links. These may not be possible using your provider's extension.

Cloud provider support

View file Edit file New file Open local links
Google Drive
Working Copy

Enabling cloud syncing

See iOS's using third-party apps in Files to enable syncing data with your cloud service.

Paid app

Plain Org is a paid app. Please help support its development if you can. Ping me if you need a free copy. Email me at "plainorg" + "@" + "".

Beta testing

Please help support Plain Org by purchasing from the App Store. If you're feeling adventurous and have tolerance for a few rough edges, you can also get access to early beta builds via TestFlight. I'll need an email address to send you an invite. Ping me on reddit, twitter, or email me at "plainorg" + "@" + "".


Can I use my own custom keywords?

Yes. Plain Org recognizes per-file keywords. That is, in the org file itself, you can specify both active and inactive keywords. You can the following to an existing org file:


Note: Keywords on the left hand side of the "|" are considered active while those on the right are inactive.

How do I sync my org files?

All depends on your preferred provider. See syncing your data.

http(s):// links
[[][Plain Org]]

id: links (across files)

To resolve id links, Plain Org needs granted access to a directory. When an id link is opened, the app searches the owning directory for other org files that may contain the id that's linked to. The following snippet shows a sample snippet:

Note: Not all syncing providers support granting access to a directory. Without this, Plain Org is unable to resolve id links.
:ID: 90daa47c-3d6b-4d94-bf78-18d776c431c1
:CREATED: [2021-09-28 Tue 09:02]
#+TITLE: Bar

* TODO Review [[id:e4453d79-227f-4a78-bf04-9bdff5e4675f][Foo]]
:ID: e4453d79-227f-4a78-bf04-9bdff5e4675f
:CREATED: [2021-09-28 Tue 09:02]
#+TITLE: Foo

* Some heading
* Another heading

file: links

To resolve file links, Plain Org needs granted access to a directory. When an file link is opened, the app tries to access the referenced file within the owning directory. If the linked file is an image and is accessible, Plain Org renders it inline. For others, like pdfs, they are opened in a modal screen.

Note: Not all syncing providers support granting access to a directory. Without this, Plain Org is unable to resolve file links.
File structure

Note: Relative link resolution requires the org file's owning directory (i.e. Documents) to be a parent of the linked file.

Privacy policy

No personal data is sent to any server, as there is no server component to this app. There are neither third party server integrations, accounts, analytics, advertising, nor hidden trackers in this app. All your data is kept on your iPhone, unless you choose a cloud provider to sync or store your data. See your cloud provider's privacy policy for details on how they may handle it.

Floral unicorn by Gordon Dylan Johnson.